​The DIVINE Authenticity™ Process – 6 steps to discovering your true creative energies so that you can live out God’s will and purpose for your life with joy and passion.  By coaching you through these 6 steps you can begin the path to hope and healing.  

  • Defining authenticity for yourself so that your actions are in alignment with your gifts and talents.

  • Identifying roadblocks that are keeping you from your authentic design so that you can make room for the Divine.

  • Valuing yourself as God sees you so that you can create with confidence and power.

  • Integrating Divine tools to include:  the Intuitive Body Process, art, and reflection so that you can move quickly into your space of capacity.

  • Nurturing yourself with life giving activities so that your cup is full to overflowing.

  • Experiencing life in a community of like-minded individuals so that you have the support and inspiration needed to fulfill your divine purpose.